Knokke Heliport

Knokke Heliport is a public heliport located along de Natiënlaan before entering Knokke-Heist. All kind of helicopters are welcome during daylight only. Avgas and JET-A1 are available upon request. Knokke Radio on 124.700

General PPR rule

Knokke Heliport is a PPR heliport (Prior Permission Required). The PPR requests must be introduced to Knokke Heliport by phone : call 050-62.62.75 Opening hours EBKW : from 08h00 till 20h00. PPR requests shall only be introduced during EBKW openings hours. As a general rule, a PPR request must be introduced to EBKW at the latest at 20h00 one day before the flight. When the PPR is accepted, a confirmation call must be given on the requested day shortly before departure or arrival of the concerned flight, otherwise the permission could be retrieved.

Special Rule

Same Day PPR Introduction

Due to the status of Knokke-Heist considered as a touristic weather related trendy city, EBKW could exceptionally accept same day PPR’s introduction under following conditions : For arrivals and/or departure between 08h00 and 09h00 a.m. • The General Rule here above applies For arrivals and/or departure between 09h00 and 20h00 • A same day PPR request must be introduced at least 1 hour before the flight and at the latest at 14h00 (April – September) and 12h00 (October – March) •


Er kunnen 12 tot 15 helikopter landen bij helihaven Knokke en we hebben plaats in de loods voor 6 tot 10 helikopters.  Avgas en Jet fuel zijn beschikbaar op aanvraag.