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Airbus Helicopter EC120B Colibri.

Een multifunctionele lichte helikopter, die flexibiliteit en vergevorderde technologie aanbiedt (met betrekking tot bediening, veiligheid, comfort en onderhoud).  

Capacity:1 pilot + 4 passengers
Power plant:Turbomeca Arrius 2F
Max weight:1700 kg
Max take-off power:367kW/504shp
Fast cruise speed at max. weight:228km/h - 123kts
Max Range:732km/395nm
Robinson R44 Raven I

Robinson R44 Raven I

De Robinson R44 Raven helikopters zijn erg betrouwbaar, reageren snel en ze functioneren goed op grote hoogte.  De R44 is dan ook het ideale toestel voor privé, zaken en nutsbedrijven.

Capacity:1 pilot + 3 passengers
Power plant:Lycoming O-540
Max weight:1089 kg
Max take-off power:225shp
Fast cruise speed at max. weight:210km/h - 113kts
Max Range:555km/300nm


Known for its low operation and maintenance costs, this helicopter benefits from the reliability and safety of its two Turbomeca engines. The Airbus AS355N is a cost effective way to carry out charter, move staff to and from isolated work sites, or to carry out survey flights.

Capacity:1 pilot + 5 passengers
Power plant:Turbomeca Arrius 1A
Max weight:2600 kg
Max take-off power:520 shp
Fast cruise speed at max. weight:220 km/h – 120 kts
Max Range:690 kms - 380 nm